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Max Load for GS?

We just returned from a two-up camping trip on our '97 GS - from San Francisco to the Utah Canyons - about 2,300 miles overall.  All went great - poor gas mileage when at high speeds in windy conditions, but that was expected.  The bike has 60,000 miles on it and it used 1/2 qt of oil on the trip.  
The bike was LOADED!  I started to think about the load as we rode home.  When I got home I weighed each of us and all our luggage - tank bag, top box side cases and tent on top of top box - an amazing 450#!!  The bike handled well, but am I overdoing it?
I looked of the "max. recommended load", but could not find it in my Haynes manual and I do not have the BMW manual.  


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