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Re: Hit a bump, R1100RS won't run

LOOK at the biggest connectors first since there is so many things affected.?? look at the back of the ignition switch plus there is a large connector ususally in the faring for the handlebar switches ( on the right hand side,? I bet one of the plugs has just worked loose.... wiggle everything and keep trying or you won't know what you did when you finally get it.? check after each attempt to isolate the culprit.? If you don;t do this and the bike just starts and you haven't isolated the cause, you will get to push the bike home yet again and my guess is it will be farther than a mile the next time...

I am willing to be ALL of us have had the pleasure of pushing our bikes atleast a mile... kind of like joing a club.? I had a vespa that I pushed a mile to try to get it started.? It finally started 2 blocks from the house!.....? the things we learn..


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Subject: Hit a bump, R1100RS won't run

'01 R1100RS, ~51K miles. The shocks need replacing and I haven't gotten to this, so the ride is harsh on bumpy roads. I hit a large pothole, hard, at 20 MPH. Both the temp. and fuel gauges on the RID immediately maxxed out at full bars and the engine died. Couldn't restart it, and had to push it home (fortunately only about a mile).?
When I turn the ignition key to on, I don't hear any short mechanical buzzing (which is the fuel pump, right?), and the RID maxxes out the temp. and fuel (clock still displays correct time). Starter, headlight/turn signals and warning lights all continue to function.?
Any ideas on where to begin looking??
Craig '83 R80?
http://cls.pyrrho.net '01 R1100RS?