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Baglux cover on R1100RS

I just bought a second hand but never fitted baglux cover from an ebay
auction. Fitted it to my R1100RS SE.

A couple of observations: first, given the way the tank blends into the
fairing it doesn't make for an easy fit. The cover is a little puckered
around the filler, but I'll keep slowly tightening the front straps to try
to pull it smooth. Second, it's designed for the half faired model as the
side straps only just reach the bottom of the fairing right next to the TPS,
and the clips aren't designed to fit over the thick round edge of the lower
fairing. May have to modify this for security - not sure if it'll stay on
properly as is. Anyone else come across this?

Third, the colour! OK, you can get them in lots of different colours, but I
bought this one thinking it would match my blue bike - when it came it's a
really strong violet colour! Didn't look so purple on the auction site. Did
they ever produce a bright purple RS? Scary!

Last, the rear clips are quite a long way down the contour of the tank so we
will have to see how the regular Alpha bag fits - I don't think I have one
of the trailie type bags but it looks as if they might fit it better.