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RT Fairing



Clive pretty much nailed the screw positions with his post.  I thought I'd
add a couple little tricks I've learned about these fairings.  


Start with the very front screws by the oil cooler when re-installing the
fairings.   Work your way back across the top of the bike.  Do the big ones
behind the mirrors then the gas tank front to back.   Now start front to
back on the bottom.    The whole thing goes together much easier when you
install the screws in this order.  


Make sure the three sprung retainer things are lined up exactly before you
bang the side mirrors back on.  If you get one crooked, you can damage the
spring blades.  


When you want to remove side mirrors, stand in front of the bike and grab
the edges with both hands and pull forward. They come off easily this way
without bruising the butt of your hand.  


Have fun with your RT!




'99 1100RT, then

'04 1150RT then

'05 1200RT


I love these bikes!




>Taking one side:


>There is a much longer screw that fits in behind the mirror.  Then there

>3 slightly longer ones that screw into the silver footpeg plates and the
rest should be the shorter ones.  The plastic one under the >seat is a half
turn to secure.