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Activitiy On The Oilhead List


-- Robert Silas <robert.silas@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
<<<  Is this list alive?  >>>

Actually, we're all over on the BEEG.

I am promoting many events in the coming months.  When I return to my computer
in Nashville, I will post these to the Oilheads list.  There's Last Chance and
NEPB in New Jersey next week, Falling Leaf in Potosi, MO the following week,
Oktoberfest and the Racine Presidential Lunch the week after that, then we
wrap up October with the revival of the Chattanooga Presidential Lunch on
October 27th.  The Ride To Savannah is scheduled for the last weekend in
November.  Again, details to follow tonight.

Robert Munday, *Iron Bunny*
1998 R11CHP, 1995 R1100RSL
Montgomery, AL
on assignment in Nashville, TN