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Re: Tires

I recently replaced the BT-020's on my '99 R1100RS after 17,000  
miles. About half of those miles on a very short urban commute and  
half on two-up touring. The tires were great in the rain and had  
plenty of tread left. The rear took a roofing nail, and the front had  
just started cupping. I'm on the BT-021's now, only about 1,000  
miles, so, too soon to say much, but the rain performance is as good  
or better. Fast warm-up and dry grip are good too - I park in a  
university lot with a mess of CBRs, Ninjas and GSX-Rs - and my 021  
rear is the one with near-zero chicken strip :-)

John Merlin Williams

On Oct 1, 2007, at 1:57 PM, Karl Johnson wrote:

> Last year I mounted a set of BT-020's on my '94 R110RS. After 8,800  
> miles the front is badly cupped, but it looks like they'll make it  
> to 10K.
> The BT-020's have been nice. They handled well, did fine in the wet  
> and have given me the best mileage I've received from a pair of tires.
>  I too will be interested to hear what you think of the BT-021's.
> Karl
> On Oct 1, 2007, at 11:27 AM, Robert Silas wrote:
>> Mark,
>> I am running on BT-020 and very pleased with them. Please let us  
>> know your
>> findings with the BT021s
>> Bob Silas
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>> Speaking of "reply-all", I got into the habit of hitting "reply"  
>> due to
>> the way other lists I'm on are set up, and sent this to Bob when I  
>> meant
>> to send it to the list....
>> "Yep. Been quiet, though. All the motos must be doing alright.  :)
>> Fwiw, I got some Bridgestone BT021's in. Going to put them on the  
>> R11R
>> this week and see how they compare to the Metzeler Z6's. If I notice
>> anything worth reporting, I'll post it."
>> Mark
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