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Re: Oil leak

I do not have an RT. I have an RS, I had no problem like that but when I changed clutch at 150,000 km I was told that the RT has this problem . Oil runs back on the clutch rod. BMW changed the rod with having a seal on it. I installed the same new rod.
Bob Silas

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From: "Panichas, George E" <panichag@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Friday, October 19, 2007 4:31 pm
Subject: Oil leak
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> Subject: Oil Leak
> While having the 36k service done on my 2001 R1100RL (a pampered 
> bike that has 
> been scrupulously maintained), I was informed of an oil leak 
> between the motor 
> and transmission. I was a bit surprised because I've never seen 
> any oil, never 
> experienced any clutch slipage, and oil use is pretty much what 
> it has always 
> been. Also, I think 36k is more than a little bit young for this 
> sort of 
> problem. So I have some questions for the group:
> 1. The service guys say this is a serious repair that will 
> require some 10 
> hours of work and, if the clutch needs to be replaced, the whole 
> package will 
> be around $1200. Does this strike you as reasonable?
> 2. Given the relatively low mileage, should I be raising hell 
> with BMW and ask 
> them to chip-in on this? Of course, years-wise, the bike is long 
> out of 
> warranty. But I certainly think that rear seals should be good 
> for more than 
> 36k.
> 3. As noted, I've experienced no clutch slipage to date, and 
> want to continue 
> to ride the bike putting off the repair for now. Is it safe to 
> do this? I 
> assume oil leaks of this type worsen over time. Does anyone know 
> how much, how 
> fast, etc.?
> All advice is appreciated.
> George Panichas
> Easton, PA