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Re: oilheads-digest V4 #121

<<Perhaps I should have provided a bit more information. It was a tech
at a BMW dealership who believes there is a leak. His belief is based
on an accumulation of what appears to be oil and dirt on the small
platform below the place where the engine and transmission conjoin.
Although I have averaged well over 6k per year on this bike (it's an
'01), last year, I did only 2k (adding a new bike does that). I pamper
it in the sense that I am religious about maintanence, but the bike is
ridden fairly hard. I cleaned the platform and all adjacent areas
yesterday before going on a ride of about 150 miles. This was a
spirited ride on back roads in northwestern NJ. I brought the bike
back, put it on the center stand, waited for it to cool and...I saw no
oil or fluid of any kind. I checked it again this morning and now, I
wonder...B B I intend to do the same soon, and see what happens. I appreciate the
advice, and I do intend, now that I have more information, to shake
BMW's cage if indeed a significant repair is necessary.B >>


It sounds suspicously like there is no problem present. A very small
amount of oil mist over 36K miles is NOT a leak, it is the normal oil
passage past a regular oil seal. Seals sometimes pass small amounts of
oil during startup and warmup. You are on the right track, cleaning the
area and watching for additional leakage.

Another thing. You are wasting your time thinking that BMW will have
any warranty input on a bike that is six years and 36K miles old. The
warranty is over, as is their responsibility. That is what they will
tell you when you try to rattle their cage.
BMW gets loads of legitimate complaints every day, from owners whose
motorcycles are still within the warranty. If they are able to ignore
those, what chance do you have?
Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA

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