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New handlebars, and dead fuel pump

I spent the last few days converting my '95 R1100RSL to use conventional, 7/8 inch tubular handlebars. I did this to temporarily modify the riding position to take some weight off my right wrist. I broke the wrist several months ago trying to learn to ride a 4-wheeler, yet another demonstration of the proverb, "You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks". 

I got the bike re-assembled on Saturday, using some low rise 'superbike' bars. They ended up putting the grips about 3 inches higher, flatter, and I managed to make everything reach, although just barely. I have longer cables and hoses coming. A short ride down the street seemed to confirm that I was going to like the new bars. 

Sunday is the first real test. We take a longer ride to check everything out. I really like the new riding position, more upright, but with a slight forward lean against the wind. Vibration is not a problem, even without bar end weights. 

After lunch, about 5 miles from the restaurant, the bike quit as if you had hit the kill switch. There was no re-starting it, it never acted like it even wanted to start. I was sure I had dislodged something or screwed something up in the handlebar job. 

After I got the bike home, the first thing I check was spark. It has spark, and compression. 

Further checking proved the fuel pump fuse and relay are OK, but the fuel pump doesn't run. Applying power directly to the fuel pump leads doesn't help. I yanked the tank, and took out the fuel pump. When applying power, the pump makes a 'thunk' sound, but doesn't run. 

The strainer on the end of the pump has split open on one end. I found some bits of the strainer wire in the pump inlet. At this point, I am assuming the pump injested the strainer and locked up. 




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