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Clutch or gearbox question

I have a question for the collective.

The patient:
2000 R1100R w/ Techlusion "chip" (highly recommended), 16.7K miles,
major 12K service at 14.5K miles in May, '07 (don't ask . . . prior
owner, sheesh), located in DC area.

Notchy gearbox (clunking or getting the shifter to find the gear)
especially when downshifting. (I think, some of it could be related to
using synthetic oil in final drive when serviced??)

Clutch or gearbox? Is this really a problem? Otherwise the bike runs
fine, drives fine, not the smoothest of down shifts though (no idea
when/if splines last lubricated, low mileage however.)

I'm trying to avoid immediate loss of $400-$500+ of personal savings
just by driving towards a BMW dealer.