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Re: trans oil replacement

scott Baxter writes:
 > Have not replaced trans oil yet, but plan to this
 > weekend.  Don't have manual yet, and what I find on

Sounds like you found this link.


Another place you might find helpful is


Oh, and for $20 you can get the "R1100/1150 Maintenance Companion
Video DVD".   Haven't seen it.  Don't know if it is good or bad.
See http://www.jimvonbaden.com/services.aspx for more info.

 > Main question is:  how do you drain the oil and not
 > make a mess?  The side drain situation looks like a
 > catch trough is mandatory.  Filling is pretty

See the second posting at http://bmwbmw.org/bmwforums/viewtopic.php?p=125510
for an example that might work with your bike.

Happy Thanksgiving

// marc