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Re: saving money on services (fwd)

Hey guys, check the To and CC lines, huh?  The proper address is
<oilheads@xxxxxxxxx>, not <owner-oilheads@xxxxxxxxx>.  The latter
address goes to me, not the list.
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In addition to your many ways to save on tires, I have one more method.
I have two sets of rims. For a long trip of 10-15,000 km I leave with brand
new tires. When I get home I still have enough rubber left for a few day
trips, in fact since I am using BT-020 tires, a lot of day trips is left in
those rubbers. In the mean time two brand new tires already installed on the
spare rims.....
And the story keeps on going......
 I also have a serious tire-machine and a balancer and I do agree with you
for the rest of it. My local BMW-Harley dealer is unbeatable in tire prices
(in our province), tire and oil are  loss-leaders over there. I did not buy
tires lately so I do not know latest prices. About three years ago, on the
local Bike-Show was a great tire sale, I boought 3 sets and I am still
living them up.
Bob Silas

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Subject: saving money on services

Lets face it most of us riders are "under-funded"? and we all look for ways
to save money.? More money equals more miles equals more smiles.

One of the ways that I have found to save money is tire changing.? I have
invested in a good bead breaker, tire spoons ( long handled) , rim
protectors and a good balancer, not a small investment, probably looking at
perhaps $300 total.

now I can change my tires for around $225 including shipping ( which is
often free)? I pay no local sales taxes? so I save about $15 right
there.???Since I've never paid for a tire change I can only speak from waht
others have told me but a $280 bill for a rear tire isn't unheard of.? I
figure a savings of about $150 for the 2 hours of fun of chaning the tires
and lovingly balancing them.? Plus I then check brakes, bolts etc, and the
tire and rim or clean and spotless when they go back on.??

I go thru 1 1/2 sets a year so that around $250? so I get a free set of
tires every so often.

The down side?? I change tires for my buddies and don't charge nearly enough
but they are my friends and i get a lot of free beer and conversation out of
it.? I also have no local dealer so it also save me a day of riding over to
daytona, hanging around waiting for them to get to me and then riding back,
so figure that time in and I save even more.

Now if I can just figure out how to steal the tires!.....

Ps I've never had a leak at the rim from not cleaning the rim properly

Paige ( with dirty hands in Gvl)
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