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rear wheel offset

I read with interest Rober Silas' nice web site from the oilheads-digest posting on fixing the
BMW pull-to-the-right problem.  Congratulations to Robert, it must feel sweet.  I
have put 35K miles on my R1100RT and it has annoyed me since 2000 when
I bought the bike new.  Like you mine climbs the wrong side of the road
crown, requires constant steering input, and wears the left front tire
tread quickly.  I have posted comments about this on this forum several time.  The dealers won't acknowledge the
problem.  They say it's within normal tolerance and not a safety
issue.  We've heard the usual bogus excuses about why it happens,
i.e., motor rotation torque, crown in road, drive shaft weight on
right.   One BMW dealer even gave me a document repleat with drawings
that shows why they are supposed to be off balance.  What hog wash.  It
wasn't an official BMW document otherwise I would have written the

Not all RTs pull.  Motorcycle Consumer News had an article several
years ago that listed problems reported by buyer's.  As I recall the
PTTR problem was reported by about 10 - 15% of owners.  We are among
these "lucky" ones.  BMW is quite capable of designing and building a bike
that runs true.  It's my guess that something occurs during the factory
assembly with the engine as a structural member that goes wrong. 
Moving the wheel over is one way you and others have fixed/improved the
problem.  I contacted Computrak who said they could realign the frame
to fix it.  I have not been as dedicated or determined to fix it so I don't have much to offer but it makes me feel better to vent.  The
times when I load 20 lbs in the left saddle bag give me a glimpse at the smooth light
touch possible.  Gradual turns to the left aren't a fight with the handlebars.  I love everything else about my bike.  Maybe one of
these days I'll do something about it instead of harping.

Joe Kiefer

Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2007 17:46:51 -0500
From: Robert Silas <robert.silas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RS rear wheel offset

Hello Clive and all:
Detailed write up with pictures can be viewed at:

Bob Silas


End of oilheads-digest V4 #131