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Re: saving money on services

>Lets face it most of us riders are "under-funded"? and we all look for ways to save money.? More money equals more miles equals more smiles.
>One of the ways that I have found to save money is tire changing.? I have invested in a good bead breaker, tire spoons ( long handled) , rim protectors and a good balancer, not a small investment, probably looking at perhaps $300 total.
>now I can change my tires for around $225 including shipping ( which is often free)? I pay no local sales taxes? so I save about $15 right there.???Since I've never paid for a tire change I can only speak from waht others have told me but a $280 bill for a rear tire isn't unheard of.? I figure a savings of about $150 for the 2 hours of fun of chaning the tires and lovingly balancing them.? Plus I then check brakes, bolts etc, and the tire and rim or clean and spotless when they go back on.?? 

I'm not sure what tires you are buying or where you're buying them
from, but have you tried SW Moto tires?  $225 sounds high, but I buy
Metzler MEZ6 and they are a lot less than $225.


I'm fortunate to have 2 local dealers that do not overcharge for tires
or mounting/balance. 

My last rear tire, a MEZ6 cost me $137 + $20 (mount/balance) + $9.42
(tax) for a total of $166.36.  The $137 was what my local dealer
charged me, which was  ~$10 more than SW Moto tires. 

My last front tire totaled $148.62

>I go thru 1 1/2 sets a year so that around $250? so I get a free set of tires every so often.
>The down side?? I change tires for my buddies and don't charge nearly enough but they are my friends and i get a lot of free beer and conversation out of it.? I also have no local dealer so it also save me a day of riding over to daytona, hanging around waiting for them to get to me and then riding back, so figure that time in and I save even more.

Personally, I am not fond of changing tires.  I think it's a PITA. I'm
happy to pay $20 to avoid the hassle.  

Many dealers are a rip off for tires.  They jack the tires way up,
then rape you to mount and balance.  

Wayne Woodruff