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Throttle Cable/Fuel Pump


>When I started the bike, it ran really poorly. After it warmed up a bit, it
got better, but it was really bad. After re-checking a bunch of connections,
and looking for leaks, I finally noticed that in reconnecting the fuel lines
I had pulled the right throttle cable out of the adjuster. I put it back in
place, and the bike started easily, and settled down to a smooth idle.

For other users of this list, this bit of Patrick's message describes a very
common thing that happens whenever the fuel tank is raised or removed.
Always check that left throttle cable and make sure it's all the way home in
the little cup in the adjuster.  Honestly, half the time, this happens when
I replace the tank and it just isn't logical that such a small thing could
make such an engine problem, but there it is.   

Nice write-up!  You are showing a lot of ambition taking all this on.  I
guess it's the right season for starting big projects on bikes.  

Happy wrenching,