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RE: Improving mileage on an R1100RT


The fuel mileage you have reported for your R1100RT sounds suspiciously like
what has been reported after an owner "pulls the Cat Code Plug". At least
one of the so-called remedies for what some people refer to as "s*rging"
involved disabling the ECU's lean running control, which causes the engine
to run "full rich" all the time. This was done by disconnecting a device
found in the fuse/relay box under your seat. When this is done, the bike
will then run at a maximum rich mixture, guzzle fuel, cause premature death
to the catalytic converter ($$$), and various and sundry other things it
isn't supposed to do. The bike will deliver poor mileage right in the
neighborhood of what you have reported, albeit running a tad smoother. If
your bike "s*rges", have it properly and correctly tuned up by a competent
BMW MC tech and keep it stock; my three oilheads are, and they all run
great.  BTW, my '99 R1100RT has been averaging 44-48 mpg since new. At high
altitudes it does a little better, and is a little more thirsty when I
really twist the right grip near sea level. I don't think it has ever hit a
low of even 40 mpg. For comparison, my 2001 R1150GS betters those figures by
5-10% on secondary roads, but it delivers just about the same mileage as the
RT at constant highway speeds (~75 mph); I attribute this to the RT's
excellent aerodynamics & the substantial wind resistance of the GS's big
Touratech side cases. Hope this helps

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I've googled "+R1100RT +MPG" and found a number of
sites that reference gas mileage to one extent or
another.  Presently I'm getting 36.5 MPG on the two
tank refills I've made after purchasing the bike. 
About the same MPG each tank.  From what I'm seeing
this is on the low end, but not low enough to put the
bike in the shop.

What can be done to maximize mileage?  If it's a
choice between MPG or surge, right now I"ll take MPG. 
The bike is to my knowledge bone stock, new stock air
filter I put in, valve adj today, fresh engine, trans,
and final drive oil, I don't whack open the throttle
to revel in the intake honk, no lugging, no 'sporty'
riding, simple use of the bike as transportation.  Air
temps 30F in morning, driving 40% city, 60% beltway
cruising at 70 or so.