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RE: R1100R head gasket

Hi Mark,

There is a fair amount of "work" involved in replacing the CH Gasket.  If
only it was as simple as a single cylinder two stroke !!

You will end up with the exhaust header off (new gaskets etc) and the timing
sprocket off (hopefully tied with cable ties).  At the rear the throttle
assembly will need pulling - so a complete TB synch may be called for as
well as a valve clearance adjustment anyway.  No forgetting the re-torque at
+1000km anyway!    And, if your doing one side you would probably want to
"match" the new gasket on the other side...

Unless you have already tried the "re-torque" route I would suggest trying
that - there is nothing to lose, except the oil leak of course - for minimum
work, something that appeals to me because there is little disturbance of

Good luck

Clive Liddell
South Africa
R850R (been retorqued twice - no leaks)
R1100RT (been retorqued once - no leaks)
I've been getting some leakage around a head gasket on my 02/1997 
R1100R, and plan to replace it.

It's part 10 here:

I'm not sure what the info in the Notes column means. Any ideas?

Also, why does the Description column say "4 components"?