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RE: Improving Mileage on an R1100RT

Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2007 19:55:46 -0800 (PST)
From: scott Baxter <rg500g@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Improving mileage on an R1100RT

I've googled "+R1100RT +MPG" and found a number of
sites that reference gas mileage to one extent or
another.  Presently I'm getting 36.5 MPG on the two
tank refills I've made after purchasing the bike.
About the same MPG each tank.  From what I'm seeing
this is on the low end, but not low enough to put the
bike in the shop.

What can be done to maximize mileage?  If it's a
choice between MPG or surge, right now I"ll take MPG.
The bike is to my knowledge bone stock, new stock air
filter I put in, valve adj today, fresh engine, trans,
and final drive oil, I don't whack open the throttle
to revel in the intake honk, no lugging, no 'sporty'
riding, simple use of the bike as transportation.  Air
temps 30F in morning, driving 40% city, 60% beltway
cruising at 70 or so.


I average about that using California winter blend gas. I've gotten as low as
29mpg floggin it into a very stiff headwind in January. When gas switches to
summer blend I get about 39-41mpg. Droning up the coast on the freeway during
the summer I will get low 40's.  Touring the Rockies this summer I got over
50mpg on a few tanks.  My bike has 105K miles on it and the gas mileage has
been consistent for seven years.
As always, YMMV.


Bob Covey
Thousand Oaks CA
'96 R1100RT
Still looking for an M97 transmission