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Re: Gearbox, mileage and battery comments

<<A new QUESTION- any way to access the battery for checking the water
levels on this bike without pulling the gas tank? It really seems like
an inconvenient way to do periodic battery maintenance.

Lastly, I appreciate the camaraderie with this group. I'm a member of
another BMW digest board where there are severe egos, periodic p*ssing
contests, and psychological squashing of newbie questions . . . You guys
are a safe haven!>>

I like that about this list, too...

The tank just has to be lifted up a little bit to access the battery, then it slides out the left side. I use a little piece of 2x4 to hold the tank up a bit. Just remove the right side retaining bolt and lift gently.

If the bike runs bad afterward, check that the throttle cables are seated in the adjusters. Sometimes the right-side cable gets caught up and makes the bike all wierd.

Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA

"Airheads Rule!" - me
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