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Re: Gel battery specs?

For battery:
I am using a fully sealed lead-acid alarm system battery also used for large computer systems. This year it cost 49.50 in Canada. 17-18 Amp/h 12 volt ten-times better than gel-battery and 1/4 of the price. The holes in the poles are 5 mm. I do not dare to drill them but using a dremmel carbide piece, of 1/8 dia. , I worked it out to a 6 mm hole. I've benn a trips twice from the East to the West coast and I have a lot electrical stuff hanging on this battery, like two extra running lights, heated grips, heated vest, GPS tel. charger. Buy it on your own risk.
For the lock... I changed it onece but I do not remember details.
Bob Silas

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I have a 2001 R1150 GS.  The problem is that it needs a new battery.  Well
that was the first problem - I can't get the seat off and in the process the
key cylinder came out...


Skipper Brown

Albuquerque NM