Bath Remodel

In the (never-ending?) quest to make our house over the way we want it we added some built-in cabinetry in our offices the fall of ‘99. Following that was major landscaping in the spring of ‘00. Thus the fall of ‘00 must be time to re-do the master bath.

This project actually started in the fall of ‘99 when I asked friends to recommend architects for the job. The goal was to replace the Jacuzzi tub (which we used maybe once each since moving in) with a Japanese style soaking tub plus separate washing area. And as long as we were tearing everything apart anyway, I wanted to add a steam generator to the shower.

Our design, completed in March 2000, went out to several contractors for bids with an estimated starting date of August. August was picked to give us some `down time’ between the end of landscaping and the beginning of the remodel. A contractor was selected (one, who like the architect, was recommended by a friend), parts were ordered, and the project started on-site August 14, 2000. The delay was due to back ordered plumbing fixtures.

As in all things construction, nothing happens quickly. I’m hoping this “10 week project” will be done before its one year anniversary. This is why you only remodel one bathroom at a time.

These pages document the construction. Why? Because I’ve a digital camera and have to use it for something :-)