Bath remodel: Week 29

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Feb 26 - Mar 2, 2001

The stone fabricators do great work, but seem to max out at about one good day of work per week. Sometimes the work is one full day, other times a couple of half days. Tuesday of this week was a half day installing part of the shower soffit walls.

Looks like this week I’ll get a day and a half. Thursday the remainder of the stone was added around the shower enclosure. The slab covering the tub platform is in place, but I dont think it’s been fastened yet as the drain hole has not been drilled. There are bits of tape on the wall marking the centerline of the drain. I believe the stone was just put in place to mark the hole location. Friday is scheduled for glass measurements.

Friday of this week a representative of the glass shop came out to do his measurements. He pointed out that the partition glass height we wanted was within an inch or so of the stone seam… if we brought the hight up to the seam it would look better. We agreed. He was concerned about too much flex at the free standing end, though, so we clipped the corner by 12 inches. This has a side effect of more elbow room when entering the wet area. Nice.

The final modification was changing the 90 degree bend where the glass shower wall will meet the door into a 45 degree bend. This works much better given the actual location of the nickel plated support. It will look better and allow the glass to be put close to the middle of the stone curb. See the picture (left) for a template of where the glass will go by the support.


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