Bath remodel: Week 31

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Mar 12-16, 2001

No stone work this week, but we’ve been told they’ll be here next Tuesday to finish everything that can be done before the the remaining support brackets have been installed. One of the things to be done is drill the mounting holes for the brackets. The locations were marked this week.

The first few coats of paint are now on the wallboard. The final coat wont be done until later – after the electrical and plumbing. Some of the electrical work will be done this Saturday. Our existing 100 AMP service is going to be upgraded to a 200 AMP service.

The electric service swap took place on a Saturday. The electrician was here at 8:00, power was taken down about 9:00, and was back up and running around 6:00 PM. When cleaning out the garage to get to the back of the panel (the new panel wouldn’t quite fit in the existing enclosure if installed from the front) I noticed that the feed conduits coming up from the concrete were bad – rust at the concrete level. That problem was fixed, too.

The contractor was here in the morning, too.


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