Bath remodel: Week 34

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Apr 2-6, 2001

Nothing until Thursday, when the stone fab guys came and drilled the anchor holes. They also caulked a few spots I pointed out. Now other things can happen. The brackets can be mounted, the stone sealer can come out and do his thing, etc. The electrician will be here Saturday. Maybe we’ll have some power in the room before the end of the weekend.

The brackets for the shelves in the cleaning area and around the tub were installed today, as was the 50 amp circuit for the steam generator. The wire run for the 50 amp circuit is mainly through the garage, where the new conduit looks just like the old conduit and is barely noticeable.

We carried the tub upstairs and put it in place so the template for the stone shelf around the tub can be made. The tub will then be move out of the way until the shelves have been installed and the the stone is sealed.


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