Bath remodel: Week 38

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Apr 30 - May 4, 2001

After days of famine, Monday was a day of feast: the contractor was here, the electrician was here, and so were the guys doing the stone sealing. Oops… the stone sealers need a more-or-less clean environment, which makes it hard for the electrician and contractor to do anything. The sealers stayed. The contractor and electrician will be back Tuesday. No pictures… it looks the same after sealing as it did before.

The electrician an contractor came back Tuesday. The result is power, and most of the lights. Still to be done is the blower, a florescent light, some fixtures, and the lights that will go on the partition between the sinks. Those things won’t be done until the partition is installed.

Thursday the stone folks came back and made templates for the cabinet shelves, the wash area shelf, the small shower shelves, and the L shelf by the tub. The contractor was here and supplied a pipe the same diameter as the support tube for the cabinet shelves. The cabinet shelf stone will be one piece, pre-drilled for the polished nickel support tubes.

No pictures from Friday as most of the work was in getting the blower mounted so it cant be seen unless you get on a ladder to look behind the peak of the roof over the toilet room. We also got the right innards to install the low voltage bulbs in the soffit between the cabinets. The down lights for the cabinets should arrive next week.


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