Bath remodel: Week 55 (and beyond)

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Aug 27 - Oct 10, 2001

Our “to do” list was almost empty. The electrician got the problem lights and outlets working. The bathroom is usable and we’ve “moved in”. As of labor day the list stood at:

When I updated this page in October 2001 the list was at:

Final inspection occurred 10 Oct, 2001.

The toilet paper dispenser finally arrived and was installed. It matches the hand towel holders. We were able to clean up the marked wall paper with kerosene and acetone. The wall was somewhat empty. Mitsuko suggested that one of the pictures that used to hang in the bathroom would look good there. She was correct.

The smoke detector and curtain trim was installed. The bedroom is now back to its before re-modeling state.

The remaining electrical fixtures were installed. They look good. At the same time the junction box under the sink was covered. That does it for the electrical.

The last cabinet shelf was shortened and installed after the peg holes were drilled into the box hiding the electrical switch box. The room was finally ready for final inspection. It passed.


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