Bath remodel: Week 8

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Oct 2-6, 2000

More plumbing and electrical prep this week. Most of the rough plumbing was done last week. This week the tub supply lines were moved to the proper position and the pipe shields and any needed straps were added to the studs.

The lighting cans have been mounted, in addition to control wiring for the steam generator. The floor in the shower/tub area is ready for hot mopping, too.

The hot mop of the shower area won’t happen until next Monday (and I just canceled my ride to Death Valley/Bishop). In the mean while in prep side boards have been added and the temporary support for the shower ceiling has been moved out of the way.

The cabinet to hold the instant-on hot water heater was covered in siding. The electrician had upstairs power off for a while so he could move needed wiring to a junction box.


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