Bath remodel: Week 9

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Oct 9-13, 2000

First, a little detour. I noticed a water stain near the trim in the bathroom below the master bath. It wasn’t there a few weeks ago. Fearful of a nicked pipe the contractor cut out damp wallboard and a section of footing looking for the source of the water. The good news is that there is no leak in the pipes. The bad news is that the water is coming from below the marble tiles. Guess: the toilet seal needs to be replaced. At least that’s the first/easiest thing to replace. I’m glad this bathroom is scheduled for medium remodeling once the master bath is done.

While that was going on the master bath shower and tub area were getting a hot mop job. Extra fun was had when the fire alarm went off. I was ready this time and canceled the alarm. A second plastic bag was taped over the alarms – the first bag must have had a hole in it.

The inspector was here Friday to look at rough plumbing, electrical, and the hot mop job. So far so good. Sheet rock will go up next week.


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