Crap Flap and other changes

Monday, Sep 23 2019 [1,859 miles]

I was in Kings Canyon the past 4 days. The bike handled the ride there and back quite well and also took me on some dirt forest roads. The Mosko Moto Reckless 80 held a good portion of my gear. There was enough of the rear rack sticking out to hold my largish tent, a Kermit chair, and a fabric cooler for food.

One problem with the R80 is that it rubs against the rear plastic side panels. Lesson learned. Next time I’ll put a layer or two of gaffers tape where the bags rub.

There is an opening above the front of the bash plate that is in the perfect place to catch crap kicked up by the front tire. Supposedly someone had a fire there due to dry leaves/needles on a hot exhaust. Several vendors make a Crap Flap to cover this area. I found this one on ebay from Spain and I ordered it before leaving on my trip. It arrived today. I put it on the bike.

Lastly, I’d been using a RAM AMPS ball mount, a short arm, and the RAM Phone mount to hold my phone when using it as a GPS. That combination had the phone sticking out quite a bit from the plane of the instrument panel. I ordered a socket that replaces the AMPS ball mount and arm. It, too, arrived today. I installed it. Much better. Yes, I know the screws were not tight when I took the pic.

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