Thursday, Jun 11 2020 [5,200 miles]

A few weeks ago I got a recall notice for my KTM 790 Adventure. KTM wants to replace the rear brake line. From what I’ve read the issue is heat from the rear brake caliper can cause the brake fluid to get too hot, expand, and thus cause brake pressure even thouugh the riders foot is not touching the brake lever. Or somethinng like that. I finally got around to making an appointment for the fix.

This is the fix. The metal fitting where the brake line attaches to the caliper is longer. The extra metal absorbs any heat, radiating it to the environment instead of the brake fluid. At least that is what I’ve read.

I took the bike into the city then wandered around for many hours until the dealer called and said the bike was ready. The city is mostly empty with most store fronts closed and not much traffic.

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