Airhead/Vintage bike tech day

Lots of stuff went on at Darryl’s broken link. The Return of the Son of The Surf City Tech Day for Airheads and Vintage Beemers. It even stopped raining for the gathering in the Santa Cruz mountains. I decided do document Bob A.’s replacement of an instrument panel wiring harness. The original harness was melted when Bob tried hooking +12 to ground!

It’s a lot easier to work on the wiring harness with the cafe fairing all the way off. Greg convinced Bob this was easy to do. Bob whined… but the fairing was removed.

It’s crowded in there. Bob removed the melted bits of insulation and cleaned up the terminals that had carbon residue from the original harness.

This picture of vintage bikes was taken while Bob was working on getting the new harness connected. And Bob still thinks I helped. Hah! Darryl showed us that the R12 runs… when you remember to turn on the ignition, first.

All is re-assembled and the battery is re-connected. How about that… the magic smoke stayed inside the bike, this time. The clock is running.

The bike even starts and runs. The voltage meter works. Plus, when putting the right turn signal back together we found a pinched wire that might have explained earlier flakey operation.