Groeger Special Tooling: 2006

2600 Bay Road, Redwood City, CA 94063

Joe at work, Nov '99

Joe at work, Nov ‘99

Joe at work, Nov ‘99

This is Joe Groeger in 1999 scoping out the condition of the large bearing from the rear-end of a 1966 BMW R69S. It’s an example of the type of things that used to happen on Saturday mornings at Groeger Special Tooling. (He found indications of pitting on the race – the bearing was replaced).

Joe passed away in February 2020, a few weeks shy of his 100th birthday.



Pictures from the 17th Annual California Coast Campout and BBQ are up for viewing.

Chris Weld wrote this Trip Report describing his ride to the MOA Rally in Vermont and back.

Pictures from the 1st Scott Williams Memorial Poker Game.

Pictures from the 23rd Alex Silverio Memorial Picnic in Vasona Park.

Darryl hosted the 6th Annual, Not Tax Day!, Surf City Tech Day on April 15th. It didn’t rain. People talked bikes, abused bikes, and I’d be quite surprised if anyone went hungry or thirsty. Thanks, Darryl.

Some photos of the breakfast group and other shop doings courtesy of Jeff.

Joe and Bill. Joe is making a new head stud to replace the one that fell out of my R69S. It took three tries! My setting up the lathe to cut threads with a pitch of 1.125 instead of 1.25 didn’t help.

Jeff, on his R27 with the transmission that doesn’t work in 3rd gear, with friends on a ‘46 Ariel joined us for breakfast (in full period costume, no less). Pics from Chris who got the bikes, but not the people.