Saturdays: Honda

Chris writes:

I called WWWoble yesterday afternoon and told him I’d bought a Honda and was going to breakfast with the ‘boys’ at Groegers, did he care to join us. Now HE thought ‘motorcycle’ and I didn’t dissuade his thinking. He was late on arrival and we were just leaving without him, having tried phone and text messaging to no avail. He pulled along side and studied my mount (my usual BMW RT ‘ride’). I had to tell him it (Honda product), was in the saddle bag. Got a picture of him holding this ‘Honda’ tagged item, a Bushnell binocular set.

That said, Dick Zunkel on his ‘64 R-60/2, WWWobble on his Honda and yours truely, well, we went for a ride out to the coast. Marco? He was off in Death Valley with some of the SMBC’ers (Sunday Morning Breakfast Club). Great day for a ride.

WWWobble fell in love with an MV Agusta in San Gregorio. Poor owner had to wipe it down after we pried WWW free of his machine.