The Breakfast Club: New Years Day

Sunday, 1 Jan 2017

Marc writes

Breakfast at Mimi's

Breakfast at Mimi’s

That doesn’t look like the Country Inn.

It being New Years Day we checked restaurants and found that Duarte’s, our first choice, would be closed. The Country Inn promised to be open for breakfast. That’s nice, but we got there at 7:45 to find a sign saying they’d be open ad 9:00.

When the group arrived there were two bikes in the parking lot. Bob and Neil were not by their bike. Some texting found that they were at a Starbucks a few doors down. Starbucks? I did Christmas Lunch at Starbucks. New Years breakfast was not going to be a repeat. Stan did some phone searching and found Mimi’s. A call verified the restaurant was open. We saddled up for the 4 mile ride to Mimi’s. Except for Bob and Neil. I guess they really like Starbucks. Or they were really warm and didn’t want to go back out in the cold.

Breakfast at Mimi’s was great. It may have been extra appreciated by some as I celebrated my birthday a week late by picking up the check. We may have to add Mimi’s to the restaurant list.

Lots of orange

Lots of orange

SMBC bikes

SMBC bikes

After breakfast I followed Harry up Saratoga to 9 then Skyline with the obligatory stop near Alice’s. No traffic. None. A little bit of sand on the road in a few places. Temps were in the 40s on 9. When we hit Skyline the temperature display on my instrument panel started flashing as a warning. The temperature was 37.5. That is about as low as it got.

So how come I was cold? I cranked the heat troller up all the way. It didn’t help much. That’s odd. Usually 60% is too warm. Leaving Alice’s for home it didn’t help at all. Either my heat troller or my liner doesn’t work any more. I suspect the liner. Mine is almost a dozen years old. Maybe I’ll spring for a new heat troller at the same time so I can have one for both the GS and the DR.