The Breakfast Club: East Bay

Sunday, 25 Oct 2020

It’s time to ride. I’ll have breakfast at home and then leave my house at 8. That should put me at the scheduled restaurant about the time any breakfast goers are finishing up their meal. And if there are no breakfast goers? SMBC members know all about riding alone.

Today’s breakfast was scheduled for Elio’s in the East Bay. Rob (in a car – his bike is being held hostage by Munroe Motors) was there along with Russ, Steve (new guy?), and Tom. Tom had the same idea as I had. He dropped by the breakfast spot on the way to his planned Mines Rd ride.

In typical SMBC manner everyone went in different directions once the parking lot gabfest ended. I’d planned on riding Palomares Rd. Tom suggested a loop of Dublin Canyon Rd, Foothill Blvd into Sunol, then Niles Canyon to Palomares and back to where I picked up Dublin Canyon. That’s what I did.

The bear on the fence waved as I went by; I had to stop to take his picture. My bike complained of being left out so I took its picture, too.

I enjoyed the ride. Weather permitting I’ll do the same next week, too.