The Breakfast Club: East Bay Hills

Sunday, Feb 6 2022

Pictures from Ron and Chris

Chris writes:

A whooping two riders appeared at the Broadway Burlingame Donut Shop. Yours truly, Chris Weld and San Jose’s Ron Rivera, the latter riding a big ‘brick’. Chris’ GPS was acting-up, ergo Rivera plotted a course using his cell phone. We flew through San Francisco for IS 880 and the ‘Alameda off’. However, we missed it! The Sun, which had just risen was straight-on. We couldn’t see the roadway, let alone the back-lit highway markings. Really dangerous conditions. We got off IS 880 and used some dead reckoning, letting Ron’s phone recalculate.

We did eventually arrive at Jim’s Homestyle Diner to find all of SMBC’s ‘Alameda’s Contingent’ awaiting our arrival. Geggie on his Street Triple, Margie on her 850 Commando and Paul Hampton. Ben Margolin appeared about the time we were being served. A word about the restaurant is in order, it’s very spacious, offerings all reasonably priced (lower than more’n a few of our tradional beaneries), with great service.

After breakfast we were mounting-up. Paul Hampton, never a ‘joiner’ agreed to lead us on a loop tour while Rivera went home, with Margie planning a Norton ride. Well, she had a plan but it was dependent on the Norton starting. It sputtered and sputtered but couldn’t make more’n a few revolutions before the battery said ‘Enough!’ Chris got out his jumper cables while Rivera delayed his departure to jump Maggie’s recalcitrant Norton but to no avail. Margie, with the help of Geggie and Margolin, walked her Norton home. Alameda’s flat and it was only a couple blocks.

When the four ‘tour riders’ assembled, Paul led us through Oakland for the high parklands and roads through and beyond. Lot’o bicycles to pass’n dodge but the views were phenomenal from Grizzly Peak Road. Paul found some goat paths, all paved (if you stretch ‘paved’). Our route took us past lakes, through golf courses and into the back of Lafayette where gas and cold beverage were the order. Then Paul led us into more pricy residential neighborhoods to Orinda and Hwy #24 were we split for our respective homes.

Paul H provided an interactive map of the ride after breakfast.