The Breakfast Club: Min's

Sunday, Mar 20 2022

Chris writes

One rider this morning at the donut shop in Burlingame, where is everybody? After a fast ride straight into the rising sun arrived at Min’s to find Russ Danielson, Mike Geggie, Paul Hampton, the latter having driven down from Lake Tahoe this morning. After being seated ‘Antioch Mike’ appeared and, in plenty of time to order. Great breakfast was had by all.

The usual discussion ensued post breakfast (i.e.,Who can ride? Where?). It was thus learned that neither Geggie or Danielson had ever experienced Morgan Territory so a decision was easily reached. We rode the road, pausing at the regional park thereon to off-load Min’s coffee. The hills are still lush green and were enjoyed before our decent into Livermore where more lies, tire kicking etc. ensued at Mikey D’s. We all split-up for our respective abodes from there.

As the Major would report, no spills, tickets or other mishaps. And, Russ promised to get a new front tire tomorrow.