The Breakfast Club: Slip Report

Sunday, Nov 13 2022

Pictures by Jag

Pics taken after breakfast at Bill’s and during his after breakfast ride. Look close and you’ll see a first timer. Welcome, Scott.

Marc writes

After breakfast at Bill’s – thank you, Rich – the large group broke into smaller groups as it does for after breakfast rides. Some were heading to Aptos. Tom and I had a different idea.

We took 17 south to the Bear Creek/Black Rd/Alma Bridge Rd exit then looped back onto 17 north for about 1/4 mile to exit at Alma Bridge Rd. We road around the east side of the Lexington Reservoir and turned onto Aldercroft Heights Rd.

I’d forgotten that Aldercroft Heights Rd dead ends. No matter. Tom had never been on the road and the ride was quite pleasant. We stopped at the end of the road and I checked a map. Oh, backtrack to where we turned off of Alma Bridge Rd and take it to Old Santa Cruz where we can pick up Summit road and head north, again. Plan made.

Getting to the end of Aldercroft Heights Rd requires crossing 3 single lane bridges near the end of the road. One has a concrete deck, the other two are made of wood. The bridge with the concrete deck had steel plates in a few spots to make things interesting. The wooden bridges were wet. Slippery, slimy wood wet. Partially covered with slick leaves wet. Tom can attest to exactly how slippery and slimy it was.

After picking up Tom’s bike and getting it off the bridge we followed our planned route, more or less. I took the section of Mountain Charlie Rd between Old Santa Cruz Hwy and Summit Rd. We stopped at Alice’s before heading home.