2002 North Coast Ride

Here are pictures of the slightly wet yet still fun north coast ride.

As the pictures show, rain did not affect pub time. Oh, and the riding was good (if a bit slow), too. The only bad road conditions were found by Marc as he braved the “lost coast” on the route home. In an email to Carl he stated:

Great ride. But Tom was wrong about road conditions on the lost coast. Portions make Tunitas creek look like perfect pavement. Several sections of no pavement, one of which was about 1/2 mile long and UNMARKED! I came around a turn and the pavement just stopped. And then there is the bridge coming into Petrolia where it is unpaved (and steep, about a 20% grade) the last 50 yards before the bridge on both sides. Lots of fun. Jessica would have hated it :-)

6 riders: Tom, Carl, Jessica, Marc, Rob, and Jerry. Jerry skipped Sunday’s 250 mile loop (Fortuna -> 36 -> 3 -> 299 -> 101 -> Fortuna) where we helped set a bad motorcycling example by stopping at a bar in Hayfork at 10:30 Sunday morning… for the rest room (and some coffee/water/juice) only. Honest.

Tom’s pictures

Pictures of the North Coast ride and his subsequent vacation