Sunday Morning Breakfast Club

Riding to Breakfast

Riding to Breakfast

The Breakfast Club:
A Sunday Morning Motorcycle Ride

A loose affiliation of riders…

Riding to breakfast (and beyond) Sunday mornings since 1949


Dec 10: Riders Gallery
Lots of pictures taken at the top of Mt Umunhum after breakfast this morning.
Dec 2: Schedule

The 2018 schedule has been published
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pdf (print) ==>
ics (calendar) ==>

The pdf file is suitable for printing. Clicking on the link for the ics file will (for most) add the schedule dates to your electronic calendar.

Nov 19: Riders Gallery
Tom bought breakfast for the group. Some of us followed Harry up to Alice’s where there were not many bikes. Quality (a ‘72 Triumph) made up for quantity.
Nov 5: Riders Gallery
Rich P bought breakfast to celebrate becoming an old man – Rich is 70! Markus reports that he and Mike checked out the Bayside Cafe in Sausalito on Saturday. It’s been added to the proposed 2018 schedule in place of Fred’s.
Nov 1: Schedule
First cut of the proposed 2018 schedule. All comments should go to the smbc mailing list.
Oct 31: Trips
More pics from the Death Valley ride
Oct 22: Riders Gallery
After breakfast most of the riders took the long way to Alice’s.
Oct 13: Trip Report
Several riders made the fall trek to Death Valley. Carl tells the story and provides some pictures.