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Re: New List, Cold Riding

John,  You may get your report soon.  If the  mail man will cooperate, 
and the weather Gods allow, I will be on the road at 0600 on Sunday 
with electrics engaged.  This would be, of course, the Yankee Beemer 
monthly choke down and meeting at the Colonial.  We have several 
members attend from VT, John.  So methinks you should also be there!

Bob Hadden '98RS

On Monday, November 10, 2003, at 05:00 PM, R11rider@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi Bob and listers,
> I use a Gerbings jacket liner up here in VT (I also have the pants 
> liner but use them rarely).  It's great but on those really cold days 
> it's not warm enough for me.  I'm interested in the RiderWarehouse 
> full sleeved model and I'd like to hear any comments too.  I'm 
> concerned about bulk under my leather jacket...any reports about 
> warmth and bulk would be appreciated.  Maybe I'll have to bite the 
> Visa bullet and buy a larger jacket too. 
> Anyway, it's GREAT to have the new list up.  Thanks again to Marc and 
> Mike!
> John Van Deren
> Montpelier, VT