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Re: New List, Cold Riding

Am I the only anti-electrics guy on the list :-)   So far I've kept warm
without electrics using somthing like

 * silk turtleneck
 * wool shirt
 * polartek fleece vest
 * darien liner
 * darien jacket

for long trips.   For keeping warm around town I substitute a polartek
wind blocking long sleeve thingy made for skiers and a roadcrafter
suit for the darien liner and jacket.   In general I prowl the ski
clothes racks at places like REI for lightweight stuff to keep me

 > light weight down jacket. Now only if I could get the R1100RS' heated 
 > hand grips to warm up as much as the ones which were on my K75.

OK, I'm not 100% anti electrics. I do like my heated grips.   Did you
change gloves?  I've noticed a big difference in heat depending upon
the gloves being worn.   Seems like some are insulated so well they
keep the heat out!

// marc