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Re: New List, Cold Riding


I've had good luck with wearing a long-sleved, turtleneck, poly shirt, 
the electric vest, and the fuzzy liner under my Darien. If it's real 
cold and guaranteed to be dry, I substitute the fuzzy liner with a 
light weight down jacket. Now only if I could get the R1100RS' heated 
hand grips to warm up as much as the ones which were on my K75.


On Tuesday, November 11, 2003, at 06:32 AM, Bob Hadden wrote:

> Geoffrey,  I had this plan of using the long sleeve heater as the 
> jacket liner.  But, when talking to the sales 'girl' at Rider 
> Wearhouse, she said furgetaboudit!  Exactly as you describe, you won't 
> get the heat if it isn't right next to the body.
> So the new plan is to use the regular insulated liner that came with 
> the jacket, with me wearing a long sleeve thermal undershirt and then 
> the vest.  I thought it would be nice to leave the electrics with the 
> jacket, but have given up on that plan.  Will post how this all works 
> out.
> Bob Hadden '98RS
> On Monday, November 10, 2003, at 08:38 PM, RSRiding@xxxxxxx wrote:
>> I've also got one of the electrified liners that RiderWearHouse sells 
>> for the
>> Darien jacket. Ah, it seemed like such a good idea. I think it 
>> probably does
>> raise the temperature inside the jacket several degrees, but it just 
>> doesn't
>> "feel" as warm as the other stuff. (in your house...gas heat = 
>> electric
>> vest...heat pump = jacket liner) I use the vest inside one of the 
>> standard liners and
>> stay exceedingly toasty.
>> Geoffrey Greene
>> Knoxville, Tennessee USA
>> '94 BMW R1100RS