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Re: New List, Cold Riding

Geoffrey,  I had this plan of using the long sleeve heater as the 
jacket liner.  But, when talking to the sales 'girl' at Rider 
Wearhouse, she said furgetaboudit!  Exactly as you describe, you won't 
get the heat if it isn't right next to the body.

So the new plan is to use the regular insulated liner that came with 
the jacket, with me wearing a long sleeve thermal undershirt and then 
the vest.  I thought it would be nice to leave the electrics with the 
jacket, but have given up on that plan.  Will post how this all works 

Bob Hadden '98RS

On Monday, November 10, 2003, at 08:38 PM, RSRiding@xxxxxxx wrote:

> I've also got one of the electrified liners that RiderWearHouse sells 
> for the
> Darien jacket. Ah, it seemed like such a good idea. I think it 
> probably does
> raise the temperature inside the jacket several degrees, but it just 
> doesn't
> "feel" as warm as the other stuff. (in your house...gas heat = electric
> vest...heat pump = jacket liner) I use the vest inside one of the 
> standard liners and
> stay exceedingly toasty.
> Geoffrey Greene
> Knoxville, Tennessee USA
> '94 BMW R1100RS