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Re: New List, Cold Riding

I have a RiderWearHouse Unobtainium electric vest. It lives in the hard 
case where it's handy for not only the cold seasons but also when 
things turn chilly in the mountains. The vest can turn a cold and 
miserable ride into a toasty cruise. There's also a pair of electric 
chaps in there too for those really cold days.

A few years back I was on a springtime southwestern trip with a couple 
of friends. We were in Moab and they wanted to get an early start, 
heading south out of town. The sun was up, but still hidden behind the 
mountains. It was probably in the low 40's, which wasn't bad for 
standing around in the parking lot, but I knew it would be a cool trip 
in the morning until the sun worked its way into the valley. I got out 
not only the vest, but also the chaps. When they saw me putting on all 
the gear, they asked what the heck I was up to...since the previous day 
was a warm one. I told them I was putting on every thing I brought and 
recommended they do the same. In about 20 miles they were desperately 
seeking a coffee shop where they could warm up while I was toasty and 
enjoying the sunrise.

'94 pearl white R11RS

On Monday, November 10, 2003, at 06:38 PM, RSRiding@xxxxxxx wrote:

> In a message dated 11/10/2003 4:13:05 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> kbhadden@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> << So cool to be on the new list!!
>  My whole life should go so smoothly...but then I would appreciate how
> seamless this was.
>  Also so cool to go for a ride these days.  >>
> I've been using a Widder vest and gloves for several years. A good 
> riding
> friend uses Gerbings apparel and likes it a lot. My brother in law has 
> an Eclipse
> vest and has had excellent service with it.
> I've also got one of the electrified liners that RiderWearHouse sells 
> for the
> Darien jacket. Ah, it seemed like such a good idea. I think it 
> probably does
> raise the temperature inside the jacket several degrees, but it just 
> doesn't
> "feel" as warm as the other stuff. (in your house...gas heat = electric
> vest...heat pump = jacket liner) I use the vest inside one of the 
> standard liners and
> stay exceedingly toasty.
> Geoffrey Greene
> Knoxville, Tennessee USA
> '94 BMW R1100RS