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RE: o2 sensor

Bosch #13474 about $60 at Autozone.  It's the right sensor but has the wrong
plug, you need to cut the plug off your old sensor and connect it to the leads
of the replacement.  I have heard that Bosch also makes a universal replacement
that comes with bare wires and a waterproof connector kit, but I don't know the
part number.  If you have a generous parts guy and an empty store you may be
able to locate that number and post it for the rest of us.

Davis Eichelberger
'96 R1100RT
SW Virginia

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>   I think I may have a problem with the o2 sensor on my 97 
> RT. I have 130,000 miles on it. I asked the dealer about the 
> cost of one $216  is a bit much. Anyone know of a replacement 
> that is no where near that cost. And is there any way to 
> check to see if the one I have is good?
>         Brian Fisk
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