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Re: On being short

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> > > I'm just under 5-7 with short legs and I'm looking for solutions or
> > > suggestions as to make my bike touring life a little 
> easier.....Ideas?

I had a lady friend who had a (triumph sprint RS)that was too tall for her.  She was about 5'3 and didn't weigh the standard 200lbs  that apparently all motorcycle manufactures think riders must be.  We ordered a works shock for her weight ( 135lbs)  in standard length.  We had considered a short shock but they said if this worked it would work better.

It worked great!  lowered the bike nearly 1 1/2"!   we did back down the pre-load adjustments a lot but the bike still handles well, doesn't drag and rides softer than with the factory shock which handles my 200 lbs very well.

I know there are short shocks for most models also.  I met a lady at a ralley that had a GS that I could flat foot!  and I have a 29" inseam... It was a great bike.

By the way Works shock people were very helpful and seemed to have been willing to work with us if that standard shock had not worked.

Clearly getting a shock set for your weigh, if you are lighter than the median design model  will help some plus improves the ride.

The lowering does impact the kick stands.  the center stand can be a lot harder to get the bike on to.  The side stand in her case was now too long and kept the bike very upright.  Ultimately the stand was cut off about 3/4" to restore the proper lean.  

WE kept the old shock and can restore the bike to nearly standard configuration in a few hours for little to no cost.

paige poole