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Re: Fuel Overflow

Kevin, I'm going to guess you had come fuel vapors condense in the line 
and it burped out when you started up.  Likely not a big deal at all.

I would recommend you do a canisterectomy on this thing if you haven't 
already.  Your bike (like mine) is from the vintage when they had 
trouble with the charcoal in the canister getting into the tank and 
clogging up the fuel filter.  You can see the IBMWR pages for a step by 
step guide for removal.

Bob Hadden '98RS
On Friday, November 21, 2003, at 07:59 AM, Kevin Kerr wrote:

> Anyone know why fuel would come out the breather hose upon startup 
> after my
> 98 RT sat unused for a month? There was only 2 or 3 litres of fuel 
> left in
> it all that time. Or why just filling the tank would bring the same 
> result?
> Was parked in heated underground parking.
> If I need to get it to the dealer (likely) can I safely ride it in?
> Kevin Kerr
> 1998 R1100RT
> Ottawa, ON Canada
> chromed@xxxxxxxxxxxx