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Re: Fuel Overflow

Kevin Kerr wrote:

> Anyone know why fuel would come out the breather hose upon startup after my
> 98 RT sat unused for a month? There was only 2 or 3 litres of fuel left in
> it all that time. Or why just filling the tank would bring the same result?
> Was parked in heated underground parking.
> If I need to get it to the dealer (likely) can I safely ride it in?


Mine did this following a dealer service visit. Fuel or venting lines were
pinched or connected incorrectly, or left unconnected under the tank when my
dealer's former tech changed the fuel filter. I can't say for sure what he did
to my RT when this happened two years ago, but stay out of heavy traffic until
you see how the bike is behaving.  Expect the bike to stall at traffic lights
or when you slow for a turn; if it does, you may need to open the fuel cap, and
leave it open a crack while you ride to the dealer and have this corrected.
Other than incinerating your garage, the bike and maybe you, this isn't too

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