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Re: Fuel Overflow

Hopefully that's the problem. However, if the leak continues or gets 
worse it might be what happened on my '94 R11RS. One day I noticed a 
tiny puddle of fuel by the overflow tube outlet. After about a week, 
the puddle became big enough to reach the back tire.

I took things apart and found, within the fuel tank, the hose had been 
rubbing against the tank enough for it to wear through and leak. I was 
surprised how beat up the fuel lines looked on a (back then) 4 year old 

BMW sells a length of replacement hose which is long enough to replace 
all of the vent hoses plus some. If I remember correctly the hose was 
inexpensive. I made the replacement overflow hose longer so it wouldn't 
rub against the tank. The replacement hose had a much thicker wall than 
the original hoses. Here's a pic...the new hose is on the left:


On Friday, November 21, 2003, at 06:29 AM, Bob Hadden wrote:

> Kevin, I'm going to guess you had come fuel vapors condense in the 
> line and it burped out when you started up.  Likely not a big deal at 
> all.
> I would recommend you do a canisterectomy on this thing if you haven't 
> already.  Your bike (like mine) is from the vintage when they had 
> trouble with the charcoal in the canister getting into the tank and 
> clogging up the fuel filter.  You can see the IBMWR pages for a step 
> by step guide for removal.
> Bob Hadden '98RS
> On Friday, November 21, 2003, at 07:59 AM, Kevin Kerr wrote:
>> Anyone know why fuel would come out the breather hose upon startup 
>> after my
>> 98 RT sat unused for a month? There was only 2 or 3 litres of fuel 
>> left in
>> it all that time. Or why just filling the tank would bring the same 
>> result?
>> Was parked in heated underground parking.
>> If I need to get it to the dealer (likely) can I safely ride it in?
>> TIA
>> Kevin Kerr
>> 1998 R1100RT
>> Ottawa, ON Canada
>> chromed@xxxxxxxxxxxx